CrisSoft develops and supports Mercury Medical products.

Our software is a proven industry solution, trusted in offices across the nation, and ranked nationally.

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Mercury Medical is offered On-Site and on the Cloud. Streamline daily processes, automate reporting over night, start the Revenue Cycle Management process from your Practice Management System.

Mercury One is offered on the Cloud. With the highest level security you can access your data from anywhere 24/7. Mercury One is the perfect solution for 1-4 providers practices.


CrisSoft Support feels like an an extension of your office.

We guarantee compliance, our continuous development our users have been leveraging MACRA/MIPS since the summer of 2017. Mercury users were trained and ready for ICD10 changes 22 months before the live date.

CrisSoft support solves calls quickly and with care. We prioritize billing support, we make sure to get the job done.


CrisSoft API team will work with any group to connect. We interface with any EMR/EHR, Clearinghouse, we’ll even do direct connect to insurance companies.

Contact us today to learn how we can feed EMR/EHR data into the system with or without an HL7 interface. We are good at what we do here.



  • Produces Working List for Collectors
  • Generates Letters
  • Solves any 835 Import
  • Solves any 837 Export
  • Easy Import/Export Functionality with the Transfer Master
  • Built in Reporting, over 62 Reports
  • Balance to the Penny
  • Table-Driven System
  • Software Stability
  • Automation with Job Management Program
  • Guaranteed Connection
  • Can be Configured to ANY RCM Process

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Pam B.
“The support team is great! If you are having an issue with any of the processes they listen to you and will adapt it to your clinic needs.” 

Frank L. 
“Mercury has allowed us to reduce our process times be as much as 65% for claims and payment posting.”

Albert P.
“The product is excellent, well structured and easy to use.  This was evidenced by their ability to incorporate our specific requirements that were essential for us to abide by California guidelines.” 

A major perk of using Mercury Medical is automation.  What manual process are you spending time and money on??  Sign up for a free, customized demonstration and we will show you how automation with Mercury Medical will increase your cash flow and eliminate man hours.
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