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CrisSoft develops and supports Mercury Medical products.

Our software is a proven industry solution, trusted in offices across the nation, and ranked nationally.



Mercury Medical is a reliable, proven professional Accounts Receivable solution that will reduce processing times, shorten payment cycles and increase cash flow. Mercury Medical is fully configurable to any vertical or process. Mercury Medical is offered on-site and in the cloud. Mercury Medical has been honored among the top ten MPM and RCM solutions.

Mercury One is a Medical Practice Management solution that puts the fundamentals of Revenue Cycle Management at your fingertips; it acts as a stepping stone from intermediate billing to advance billing. Mercury One is offered exclusively on the cloud, with the highest level of security you can access your data anywhere 24/7.


CrisSoft Support feels like an extension of your office.


CrisSoft’s commitment to continuous development allows us to guarantee compliance, always. CrisSoft Developers anticipate upcoming changes through research and industry trends.


CrisSoft Support works to solve all calls quickly and with care. Billing Support is our top priority, we make sure to get the job done.


Mercury Medical is the backend billing solution, with no exclusive contracts CrisSoft API team will work to establish an interface with any front end system (EMR/EHR), clearing houses, we’ll even do a direct connect to insurance companies.

CrisSoft API experts establish connections through multiple methods, it’s how we have been able to interface with both prestigious and notoriously difficult solutions.

Contact us today to learn more, you don’t even need HL7 with us.



  • Collector’s Working List
  • Status Master Control
  • Generates Letters
  • Solves any 835 Import, EOB permanently linked to payments and adjustments
  • Solves any 837 Export
  • 2 levels of Claim scrubbing
  • ERA
  • Statements: patient, third party, institutional
  • Electronic/ Paper claims
  • Automation with Job Management Program
  • Can be Configured to ANY RCM Process


  • Appointment scheduling
  • Alerts
  • Eligibility
  • Patient demographics
  • Built in Reporting, over 62 Reports
  • Provider/ Facility Reporting


  • Easy Import/Export Functionality with the Transfer Master
  • No exclusivity, connect to EMR/ EHR/ Clearing house of your choice
  • CrisSoft is a preferred vendor


  • CrisSoft Support
  • Compliance Guaranteed
  • Table-driven system
  • Software Stability
  • Balance to the Penny, All Reports tie to each other


Pam B.
“The support team is great! If you are having an issue with any of the processes they listen to you and will adapt it to your clinic needs.” 

Frank L. 
“Mercury has allowed us to reduce our process times be as much as 65% for claims and payment posting.”

Albert P.
“The product is excellent, well structured and easy to use.  This was evidenced by their ability to incorporate our specific requirements that were essential for us to abide by California guidelines.” 

Automation is a major perk of using Mercury Medical. What manual process are you spending time and money on?

Request a product demonstration and we will show you how to save time and money with Mercury Medical Automation!